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We're working to build pools which will allow you to mine various crypto currencies directly from this site. We've got you covered!




Outsource the down side, keep the upsides! We're working to secure low cost hosting solutions in the UK to help your rig be as profitable as possible.



GPU rigs are built using specially created motherboards and a larger than normal number of GPUs compared to a standard PC. The advantages of GPU rigs include the ability to mine a wider variety of coins, the ability to run masternodes and other income generating DLT software as well as an easily resellable and upgradable range of hardware in the event you decide to move on from mining.

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Orion Rigs are able to source a variety of different ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) which mine specific algos and allow you to generate more coins for less power than using a standard GPU rig. The disadvantage of ASICs is that when they're no longer profitable you can't break down and sell the componants, nor can you use them to run other DLT software.

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✔ A high quality rig built with the best materials

✔ 2 Hours of free after purchase support included

✔ Software installed so you can plug & play in seconds

✔ Links to educational videos to help you get the most from your rig

✔ Remote access set up so you can control your rig from anywhere with an internet connection

✔ Warranty on all parts

✔ Discounts on other crypto education packages via Portsmouth Crypto

✔ Discounts on BitStashers cold storage wallets

✔ Rig management service option

About Orion Rigs:

Orion Rigs has been founded in March 2018 by long term crypto advocate Matthew Baldock, of Portsmouth, Hampshire, in response to numerous calls about mining and mining equipment. Orion Rigs has formed partnerships with componant suppliers and ASIC suppliers to provide you with mining gear coupled with years of expertise in the crypto industry.

Starting with our own computers we used our GPUs and CPUs, Gridseed USB Duel Miners and the original Gridseed Orbs to mine scrypt based coins and we used Antminer U1's, Antminer S1's to mine Bitcoin.

We mined Litecoin, Feathercoin, Bitcoin, any coin we could, on any and every pool. We learned, early on, about the various factors that affected the profitability of mining, including pool luck, network difficulty and coin value.

Bringing this depth of experience, we know and understand what it takes to mine cryptocurrencies effectively and are here to share that knowledge and expertise, as well as providing you with rigs, pools and hosting packages.

As well as providing you with everything you need to start mining we also offer mining consultations as an optional extra to help you get the very most from your investment. Crypto mining is about supporting the network and the incentive mechanism is the reward you mine for, therefore we want you to get the most from your rig so you'll continue to support the crypto ecosystem.

Orion Rigs founder Matt also runs multiple workshops and courses around the UK teaching people about bitcoin, crypto currency and the blockchain via his site Portsmouth Crypto. Further, he co-owns the BitStashers brand, where you can buy Laser Etched Metal Wallets, Wearable Wealth T-shirts, Hardware Wallets and other crypto related swag.


This is a popular short video which explain what crypto currency mining is:

This short video explains what a blockchain is:


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Email us at: sales@orionrigs.com